One way or another, art has been my life. I donít think you become an artist, like you do a doctor or lawyer, you are born an artist. I guess Iíve been aware of myself as an artist since I was a kid. Perhaps you can study and you may learn some techniques but I think you really are born with it. As an artist for over forty years, I have strived to connect with a multitude of mediums from jewelry, metal work and painting to evoke the land, culture and history of Santa Fe and the Southwest, which surrounds me. The desert is freedom. Itís the land, the sky. Itís a wide, open landscape. You can be who you want to be. You know, thereís not a lot of people around. I should have been born here but it took me twenty years to get here. This is my home and the impact is reflected in my artistic expressions. My journey has taken me to the avant garde stages of New York City to the silver screens of NBC and to emerging art scenes in the 70ís in Oaxaca, Austin and Santa Fe. Having spent most of my life in the Southwestern United States and Mexico, my work reflects the light and colors of the country. The deserts, mountains and of course, the vast skies along with the ever present sun are also great inspirations. My life has also led me to the Southeastern United States, North Carolina in particular. Where again I have connected to the land and culture, inspiring me to take my work in many new directions but I have always followed the path less traveled. The Native and Indigenous cultures are a definite influence on the designs that flow throughout my work. The symbols, such as the animals, the plants and nature itself, all weave an impact in my art. Most recently, this is evidenced in my Chimayo series of painted blankets. My desire with my work is to always move forward to create a fresh perspective on ancient influences, trying to capture in my art, the beauty that surrounds us all each and every day.

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Chimayo 2

Chimayo 4

Chimayo 5

Chimayo 6

Mom's Southwest Quilt


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