Art has always been an important part in my life. Growing up I spent much of my time drawing and painting. After moving to Santa Barbara from Munich, Germany, in 1963, I developed a career in ceramics. As a professional potter, I sold my work to shops and galleries throughout the US , Canada and Europe. When Braille Institute opened their facility here, I coordinated the Arts and Crafts Program and taught ceramics there, in addition to my own studio work. After a rewarding career of over thirty years in ceramics, I found myself returning to my first love, Painting. This medium opened up more exciting ways of artistic expression for me. I often return to the world of my childhood, the mountains and valleys of Bavaria, having been formed by the colors, relationships and shapes of the landscape in southern Germany. Today I continue to be inspired by textures, colors and shapes, and these find abstract expression on my canvas. While my art comes from my own moods and emotions, I aspire to create works that join the viewer in a dynamic, continuous conversation. I aim to create vibrant paintings, open and abstract enough to embrace the visions and experiences of the viewer.

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Almost There

Autumn 2


Dawn of Hope

Late Harvest

No Regrets

Playa Del Oro

Red Blocks



The Song of the Crickets

Tomorrow's Promise

Tranquil Moment




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