Karen Moore was born in the beautiful region of Santa Barbara, California in 1976. In her teens she passionately pursued music, giving wings to her creative inclinations. When she began to paint the valleys of Ojai and all the beauty surrounding her, it became apparent that she is truly a natural born artist. In 1992, she enrolled in the California State Academy of Fine Arts, where she began her studies of the arts and art history. The most significant academic year for Karen was her last which she spent abroad in Europe studying the masters, allowing her an opportunity to witness first hand so many of the masterpieces of which she had only read about. During her journey in Europe she developed camaraderie with various contemporary artists and became aware of new art forms and with each new association her knowledge was broadened and her talent was fortified. In recent years Karen has found success with her unique atmospheric and buoyant landscapes. Her newest work demonstrates how she fuses her love of nature and free expression. She is always in search of new inspiration and techniques from which she can learn as is determined to maintain a special style all her own. “I practice a more minimal approach to painting”, says Moore, “I like to play and experiment with various mediums to express my interpretation of the moods of the elements of nature.” Karen Moore’s paintings are on exhibit in galleries throughout the United States.

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Fume Blanc


Morning Haze

Mystic Horizon I

Mystic Horizon II


Silent Harvest

Silent Harvest 1

Silent Harvest 11

Silent Harvest 12 (Sold)

Silent Harvest 13

Silent Harvest 14

Silent Harvest 15

Silent Harvest 17

Silent Harvest 2

Silent Harvest 332

Silent Harvest 36

Silent Harvest 37

Silent Harvest 38

Silent Harvest 5

Silent Harvest 501

Silent Harvest 503

Silent Harvest 505

Silent Harvest 8

Silent Harvest 8201

Silent Harvest III


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