Cathy Lubke, a native of Burkett, Texas has been an active painter since 1979. She resides in San Angelo, Texas with her husband Norman. They have two children Kellye and Chris. Cathy has degrees from Angelo State University; where she majored in English, history, education, and art. After teaching in the public schools at the elementary, secondary, and college levels, she began teaching studio art classes privately in 1986 and she has taught many painting workshops all over the southwest.

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0-Looking West

01-Begin The Journal

02-Brave Top Hat

03-Bride Price

04-Bride Price II

05-Charley Blue

06-Chief Little Hawk

07-Chief White Cloud

08-Fog In The Morning

09-Kicking Bear

10-Kicking Bear II

11-Little Crow

12-Navajo Chief

13-Rushing War Eagle

14-The Journey

15-The Sentinel (Wolf)

16-Wild Horse Crow

17-Winter Night

18-Adobe Cottage

19-Living in Serenity

20-Taos Chamisa

Field of Dreams

Gang Home

Moon Light

Moon Pueblo

Pueblo Shadows

The First Blue Bonnets This Spring


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